This process has been shipped so you can Europe, North america and other parts of the world

This process has been shipped so you can Europe, North america and other parts of the world

  • Holograms with 3d photos you to changes color inside the steel foil to the obverse side of the notes(difference out of 1000 won)
  • Watermark portraits of one’s effigy of notice can be seen when stored towards the white throughout the light part of the note
  • Intaglio printing to your terminology and the effigy give off an elevated perception, unique of typical papers
  • Safeguards thread regarding right side of your obverse top which have brief lettering “???? Bank from Korea” while the denomination
  • Colour moving on ink into well worth amount in the rear of the newest notice

The very first time internationally, the fresh new KOMSCO, new Korean perfect, entered an alternate substance about notes to locate counterfeits.

The latest Southern Korean ?1000 Banknote illustrates to the side Yi Hwang, Myeongryundang in Seonggyungwan and you can plum plant life. Yi Hwang is among the one or two most noticeable Korean Confucian students of one’s Joseon Dynasty, additional are his younger contemporary Yi We (Yulgok). On the rear they depicts Gyesangjeonggeodo; a painting Yi Hwang when you look at the Dosan Seowon because of the Jeong Seon.

The fresh Southern area Korean ?5000 Banknote portrays for the frontYi I, Ojukheon during the Gangneung, black colored bamboo. On the rear they portrays Pests and you may Vegetation, a painting out-of an effective watermelon and you can cockscombs of the Yi I’s mom Shin Saimdang.

The Southern Korean ?10000 Banknote portrays into the frontSejong the nice, Irworobongdo, a folding display to have Joseon-time kings, and you will text message regarding next part off Yongbieocheonga, the original work out of books printed in Korean. Sejong the favorable is this new last king of the Joseon Dynasty out of Korea. On the rear they portrays the globe away from Honcheonsigye and Cheonsang Yeolcha Bunyajido regarding the records

The new groom travelled by the pony with the bride’s household and you may once web siteleri the marriage ceremony grabbed his partner for the a palanquin (sedan chair) to help you his parents’ domestic to reside to each other

The fresh new Southern area Korean ?50000 Banknote portrays towards frontShin Saimdang with Chochungdo, A folding Display away from Padded Flowers and you will Bugs that is Southern area Korean National Value No. 595 in the records. Shin Saimdang is actually a good Korean musician, journalist, calligraphist, indexed poet, therefore the mommy of your Korean Confucian student Yulgok. On the rear they illustrates Bamboo and you will an effective maesil tree.

Wedding within the Southern Korea is like those who work in brand new West places, however, have book top features of a unique, especially as a result of the dictate out of Korean Confucianism.

A good chima (??), a full-length, high-waisted, wrap-doing dress is actually used

In ancient times, wedding events (Honrye) took place about bride’s lawn otherwise house. The groom and bride wore specialized court outfits on wedding service. Ordinary people was allowed to don the luxury clothes merely on the the wedding day. Hands lanterns are used for bulbs the way in the groom’s the home of this new bride’s home on evening until the relationship. Generally, the latest groom’s household members would bring a wedding bust filled up with gift suggestions for the bride’s friends. Matrimony ducks is actually an icon for a long and you may delighted relationship. Cranes stand for durability and may be portrayed on the woman’s sash.

The ladies’ clothing boasts good jeogori (???; short jacket having a lot of time sleeves) with a couple of much time ribbons which can be associated with function brand new otgoreum (???). Boat-molded footwear created from silk, are worn having white cotton clothes. The brand new bride’s dresses you’ll is a light sash that have tall signs otherwise flowers. A beneficial headpiece otherwise crown can also be used. The fresh norigae (???) is actually good hanbok (??) decoration that has been worn by all the classes off Korean female for years and years. It’s associated with new skirt or perhaps the bow to your coat. The knot over the top is named the fresh Maedeup (??).

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