Concern eleven: “Ranga was just the latest boy having their own and you will she one particular suitable bride to be for him” says this new narrator

Concern eleven: “Ranga was just the latest boy having their own and you will she one particular suitable bride to be for him” says this new narrator

Just what solution did the guy give?

Who’s ‘she’? Exactly what led narrator to this end? Answer: ‘She’ here is short for Ratna, the latest relative off Rama Rao. She is actually a pretty girl away from 11. Each other her moms and dads having died, their sibling got produced her household. Being a beneficial girl from a big city, she understood ideas on how to play the veena while the harmonium. She along with had a nice voice. All these features produced their unique the right bride-to-be for an early, experienced guy for example Ranga.

Matter 12: Exactly how did the fresh new narrator let Ranga has a look off Ratna? Answer: Brand new narrator developed the fresh new meeting very methodically. Basic the guy entitled Ratna on pretext away from delivering buttermilk compliment of their particular. He then expected their unique to play a tune. Meanwhile Ranga, who he’d sent getting, hit the entranceway. The guy became interested observe the brand new singer and you will peeped during the ovat Puerto Rican naiset yleensГ¤ houkutteleva. Their presence at the home banned the new white and you will Ratna stopped vocal out of the blue.

Question 13: Just how did Ranga and you may Ratna function in the its unexpected stumble on? Answer: Ratna prevented vocal abruptly towards seeing a stranger beyond your space. Ranga felt upset in the event that vocal eliminated. Ratna stood at a distance together with her head paid off. Ranga repeatedly glanced at the their own. He charged himself towards singing to stop and open to exit. Ratna was defeat by the timidity and you may ran inside. Ranga enquired from the their own.

Matter fourteen: Exactly how performed the brand new narrator deal with Ranga’s issues from the Ratna? Answer: The brand new narrator didn’t promote your a simple answer. He told you casually this didn’t count so you can often out of all of them who she was. The newest narrator has already been hitched and you can Ranga was not the marrying particular. That it aroused Ranga’s appeal and you will adventure. The guy shown the fresh pledge you to definitely she was solitary. His face exhibited signs of disappointment on the training you to she are married this past year.

Matter fifteen: As to the reasons did the narrator tell Ranga the girl is married last year? Answer: The brand new narrator got composed their brain he perform score Ranga partnered early. Earliest he brought Ranga and you may Ratna face-to-face in order to arouse his interest in their. To shot the strength of their attitude, the guy informed Ranga that she try married just last year. The latest shrivelled face of your own son betrayed his emotions.

The new narrator shouted these conditions

Concern sixteen: As to why did brand new narrator look at the community astrologer? Answer: The new narrator planned to mine the typical peoples fatigue-eagerness to learn the future. He visited the newest community astrologer and you may informed him to save prepared to browse the stars. He tutored him in all he wanted brand new astrologer to help you state as he do review your having Ranga.

Matter 17: As to what intellectual /mental condition performed the newest narrator pick Ranga? How did Ranga react to they? Answer: Ranga appeared to be forgotten from inside the thought. Possibly he was psychologically distressed to discover that the fresh girl the guy got seen you to day was already hitched one. Brand new narrator open to grab him so you can Shastri to learn about the latest superstars-whether Master and you can Shani had been favorable to have your or otherwise not. Ranga used your without the protest.

Matter 18: “What? Only yesterday…” As to why are so it sentence take off and by just who? What might have been the brand new probably feeling if the presenter had completed the new sentence? Answer: The new narrator got mad if astrologer told you that have amaze that he had perhaps not seen the former for some time. The latest astrologer cut this sentence of and you may finished it in the individual way. When the he previously not done this, the fresh narrator might have damaged their bundle from the blurting away everything.

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